Stay-At-Home mom…. It’s WAR!

Why would any sane person not want to stay at home all day bake cookies & pies, keeping the house clean and watching children while they act like perfect angels? Sounds like the perfect life, Right? Lets get real people! Being a Stay-At-Home mom is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Let’s talk about WHY I chose to be stay-at-home moms? My reasoning (at first) was so I could finish my degree and help the hubby with his in-voicing for his business. It was only supposed to be for a year then I would start working after I graduated. Now flash forward 6 years, another baby born and here I am, still a SAHM! All of my kids  are in school as of August, but I still plan on being home. So why? Why would I be home when I’m perfectly able to go back to work and help rake in the dough for the household? Well, honestly, if my family can afford me to stay home and help run the business my husband has, do laundry & clean, while they are all at school, WHY NOT!

That’s the question we should be asking WHY NOT stay home IF you can! It’s hard work! I mean seriously running kids 2 days a week to Tae-kwon-do, one day a week to Gymnastics, to the bus stop, from the bus stop, to VPK & from VPK, all while having to juggle laundry on top of laundry, grocery shopping, sweeping, mopping, dusting, dishes, & vet visits. I mean the list could go on and on. This is a full-time job! One where the payment is getting to fight about homework, listening to fights about Play Stations and not picking up after themselves, but also in hugs & kisses when you have their favorite dinner fixed when they get off the bus cause they are starving. Payments of watching them test out of Yellow Belt & moving up to Level 3  in Gymnastics!

Being home all the time is not for the weak! It is a battlefield. A constant battle between housework, kids schedule, & social life. It’s not all coffee shops dates & shopping trips. I mean We are lucky to get a phone call to our mother in without sounding out of breath from all the running we are doing. Specially during summer time!

Right now school is out for summer here in Florida & let me tell you I’m drowning in questions, activities, fights, & boredom! “Take me to the Mall please!” says my 6-year-old daughter! “Can I play the Play Station?” asks my 4-year-old son. From the time they wake up at 7:30 till they go to bed, it’s never-ending. Keeping them busy is the key but that also means your just as busy and at times getting behind on the everyday things you need to do. When they go to bed I am still up getting dishes done, putting toys in the basket for tomorrows chores, folding blankets, & everything I didn’t get to do during the day. Only to be up the next morning bright an early to start it all over again.

Being home all the time I go crazy. The kids are fighting constantly and I feel like I get no time to myself. I tell my kids all the time “I’m changing my name to B*t*h. That way you’re not allowed to call my name anymore!” When you hear “MOM” a billion times a day you tend to go to extreme measures to make it stop. I LOVE being a mom and even more I LOVE being able to stay home and be a mom. Even if my house isn’t the cleanest all the time and my children don’t get to eat an organic, freshly grown in my yard dinner every night.


Being a stay-at-home mom is not easier than being a full-time working mom. It’s not better than being a working mom, it’s what I do as a mom because I can & it works best for MY family. It wont work for every family out there. I praise moms who can hold a full-time job, take kids to their sports or activities, clean house, cook meals, and still find time to sleep. You Gals are MVPs’ in my book. BUT with that said don’t count us mommies who stay at home out!