8 Kid-less days in the Keys!

Today  I wanted to change pace from Mommy-ing and tell you a bit about a trip my Hubby & I went on!

So just recently my wonderful hubby of mine & myself went on a great week-long vacation with NO kids! Yes, you read that right we actually went on a vacation for more than 2 days with absolutely no kids! In fact, we actually were the kids this go around! Even better than having no kids for a week, we were in the Keys. We traveled up and down the Keys for an entire 8 days!

It started with 2 nights in Key west at the great La Concha by Crown Plaza on Duval Street, just the two of us. Walking around seeing all the iconic tourist sites, mile marker zero, southern most point, Fat Tuesdays, & Marilyn Monroe. We had a couple of friends join us on Saturday where we decided Dante’s Pool & Bar was the place to be. This place was absolutely hands down one of my top 5 favorite places while we were there. If you don’t mind a good crowd of people drinking, playing floating beer pong, & good food that is.

We spent most of the day Sunday traveling north headed up to Marathon. Stopping in Big Pine Key to go looking for the infamous Key Deer. I love deer! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any but we did find some cute Iguanas. (I spent ALOT of time taking pictures of these things throughout the trip). If you’re looking for a great place to stay in Marathon, I highly Recommend the Holiday Inn there! They are well-kept and right on a good canal. There is a cute tiki bar right next door (literally not even 100 ft away), and even places to get fishing charters right next door to that.

Monday we finally got to our resting spot for the week. Fiesta Key RV Resort, I could go into a whole other blog about the resort itself & maybe I will another day. Let’s just say on a scaled of 1 to 10 I’d give it a 5, Not to bad but not the greatest either. This is where we met up with the other 2 in our group of 6! We were spending the next 6 days with the 6 of us! It was about to get real interesting. Now something you should know is, we are a tight knit group of people. We spend most of our weekends getting together to go Air boating, Mudding, Fishing, cook outs, really anything out-door with the kids as families. But never have we spent even 1 night all of us under the same roof. I was nervous to say the least, but it turned out amazing.

Alot of the days were spent hanging out around the bridges fishing and sight seeing. But, since this is Florida we all know that mother nature is NEVER on our side. Its hot and sunny one moment and then the bottom falls out of the sky the next! It ruined our chances of going Offshore fishing for Mahi! But we did get to do some awesome Bar hopping!

As you can see ^^^^ we laughed, A LOT! Mainly at each other but still we had a blast. We did get to go Reef fishing a little with A great Captain. It was really rough (10-12 ft seas) I don’t know what we were thinking. Half of us got sick and the other half got to fish! We tore up some yellow tail snapper. Luckily enough I was one that got to fish!

It was a dream come true for me. But not so much for hubby! Yes that’s me, the loving caring wife rubbing his back (in between catching fish) while he YAKED!

Our trip was not complete with out one last visit to Key West again! We attempted the Duval Crawl! Did you know, according to the bartender at the Green Room, that there are 90 Bars on the 1.5 mile stretch of Duval Street? Yeah I didn’t realize that. And to do the Duval Crawl, you must get a drink at each one of those 90 bars! Needlessly to say, we failed! But we sure did have tons of fun trying!

I missed my babies for sure, but it was a great, relaxing , fun time that I for sure needed from this thing that we call life!