About Me

19, 8, 7, & 5…. That is the current ages of my 4 crazy children. We love to go on adventures, travel to new places, get down & dirty in the mud, being outdoors, & DIY projects.

I’m not the typical Mini-Van driving mommie, I get my hair & nails done then turn around and take my side-by-side into the deepest mud hole I can find. Between running errands & a business during the day, & carpooling to gymnastics & tae-kwon-do at night, I stay busy to the extreme.


I try to spend as much time as possible teaching my children and molding them into humans the world can be proud of. I’m not perfect by any means, I have a mouth that would make a grown, sailor blush & I have no filter majority of the times. I tell it like I see it which causes some confrontations at times but I just try to be honest.

I’ve been married for a short 5 years with the hopes of many, many more! My husband is my best friend, true love, and probably the biggest kid I have. We are a team on everything we do and you will probably read about him alot.

I have many hobbies & interest, ranging from fishing & mudding to photography & remodeling my house constantly. With that you’ll find that just like my house, my mind is chaotic & so is my writing.

My blog wont fit into just one category. It’s going to be a place where I talk about being a mom, a wife, a business woman, a maid, a human being. A place where I will tell people my opinion, talk about my travels, & show off some of my own DIY projects.

I hope that you’ll find this as a place where you can read something you can relate to. So with that I hope you decide to join me on this crazy, unexpected journey in life. Maybe you laugh, cry, get angry, or go a little crazy with me.

A little Bit of everything is what makes my life go round!