Working on Working Out

Somehow, someway I will get that body back. You know the one I’m talking about. Cute curves with the slim thighs and no busted can of biscuits spilling over those shorts your wearing! I am determined this year!

I have already got myself on track with eating…. Decent! I am not health fanatic. I like my Twinkies and cupcakes as much as I like my salad and chicken. I LOVE my sweet tea but I have given it up for the most part. I believe this journey is truly about balance! One day I’m all counting Macros and cutting carbs and the next you’ll find me watching Netflix with a back of Doritos and Mountain Dew!

I have found that having a schedule of everything I do in a day works best for me. I make sure to add in my workout into that schedule and make it consistent. Monday- Friday I am at boot-camp at 6:00 A.M. (yes that is way to early), but it is the only time I get to myself and know that I can get it everyday. It gives me the rest of the day to get everything else I need to get done, done. It’s 30 Minutes long and honest as much as it kicks my you know what, I feel so much better when I get home. Heck, it’s even making me more of a morning person, which I never thought would happen.

So my why! WHY oh WHY am I putting myself through what feels like complete torture? Its not for a 6 pack of abs, because let’s get real, that will probably never happen.   But over the last few years I have been in and out of gyms, boot-camps, personal training sessions, and fad diets. All to get myself where I am comfortable to be in a bikini and then in a matter of a month I’m back to a busted can of cinnamon rolls sitting on my couch complaining. Well in December of this year we booked our bi-yearly Christmas trip. An 8 day cruise in the Caribbean, where it is 80 degrees year round and that means bathing suits. Well this will also be our first cruise with the kids and because of that I want to make sure I’m not spending it covered up and uncomfortable with my body. I want it to be fun, memorable, and ever lasting in their Memory banks!

So this time it is different, it’s not a fad or something I want to give up in a few weeks. It’s not going to be a “I hit my goal I can take a bit of time off” and then let life get me off track again. This is a lifestyle change this time. This is MY time!

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